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{Vacation Pics} Wanna Know the Truth about Work-Life Balance?

I'm writing to you from the British Virgin Islands. My hubby and I are taking a boating trip with a group of wonderful people!

Work has been exploding and I've been sprinting, so to speak, for the last month in particular. I'm normally not so great about balancing work with play, and my colleague, Lauren, is the one who taught me about the sprint and pause (which, is very self explanatory - if you sprint, you gotta pause or else you will burn out). 

For the most part I think we throw around the phrase "work-life balance," and it's this illusory term that makes us feel bad about whatever state of imbalance we are currently in. What is the balance, truly? This has to be different for all of us. 

I could rant on about the balance within the imbalance (I know I sound drunk but I'm sober, so hear me out) but instead I will advise you on something more important... 


Doesn't have to be with a dinner or drinks, it can look like a quick dance to music, a phone call sharing the accomplishment, or a simple journal entry. 

We accomplish something great and think to ourselves, "yes, that's how I'm supposed to do it" or "okay great, don't screw this up now". See? No celebration.

If we dare to be human and make a mistake... well, we will harp on that for weeks. 

No celebrations for the wins + guilt and shame for the losses = a stressful life with all sprint and no pause.

That being said, this week is going to be purely about R&R. I don't know if the motion sickness pill was really a horse tranquilizer, or if my body is catching up, but sleep feels good either way!

Make sure you are following me on Instagram @nutritionalwisdom, since I'll share some of my vacay pics there. Tomorrow I will try diving for the first time! Pics to come...

If you have a win you would like to share with me, post it on my Facebook Page or simply reply to this email if you would like to keep it private!

Celebrate the small stuff.

xoxo Carly


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