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5 Ways To Cool Down With Foods This Summer

Holy hotness I am melting. This Texas heat has given boob sweat a whole new meaning. If you're in the south, it's undoubtedly still summer and you're probably craving more water-rich foods and cold, refreshing treats.

Here are five super easy and healthy summer treat ideas that will make the heat a little more bearable...

1. Popsicles: I am a full believer in food on a stick. You can freeze almost anything, put it on a stick and enjoy it more than its original form.

Here are my favorite recipes to try: WatermelonStrawberry Chia, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana.

2. Cashew Cream with fresh fruit is so easy to make and takes me back to the time where I used to eat Cool Whip by itself right out of the carton. I like this recipe with vanilla for a little extra flavor. You could also add coconut chips, cacao nibs, and sliced almonds if you’re feeling fancy. You can also use coconut cream, just put the can in the fridge first to get the right consistency (coconut cream and coconut milk are different. If you have coconut milk, put the can in the fridge overnight and pour the watery part out. The cream is what's left in the can. Buying coconut cream allows you to skip this small step,)

3. A client recently gave me a shaved ice machine. This is one of my favorite kid treats that I still enjoy… minus all the food coloring and artificial flavoring. I make mine with fruit juices and they are the perfect summer treat. Ice, lemon juice, and stevia are all you need to make my frozen lemonade! 

4. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, please! Want the easiest treat EVER? Take a chocolate-covered KIND bar and put it in the freezer. Pro Tip: Don’t chip a tooth so be careful. The Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate flavor tastes like a frozen Snickers. You're welcome.

5. Who doesn’t love ice cream? This is a little bit more time consuming, but the recipe only has five ingredients! If you’re like me and don’t have an ice cream maker, you gotta get creative. You’re in luck though: I found this coconut milk vanilla ice cream recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker. 

You can hog the treats, but don't hog game-changing info! Forward this to a friend who is struggling with the summer heat. I want to support you and your network - plus it will be great karma for you! For ongoing free amazing support from me, ask them to sign up for my email list.


My family just came back from a week in Destin, Florida. It was too hot for Tillie to be at the beach, but we enjoyed morning and evening strolls with her. <3 You will find more pics on my instagram page!


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