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Meet The New Additions and Save $50

If you read last week's email you may have seen that I had a baby on Mother's Day! Meet Tillie Rose Everly Parker, my new bestie.                       Our home-birth went well, my body is healing and…

Healthy Camping Food

So apparently it’s the time of year where people voluntarily go sleep outside, forfeit showering, mingle with bugs, and spend all day chipping their mani's. I’m told it’s called “camping” and I’ve been asked so many times this past week…

Am I Crazy or A Genius for Avoiding These?

I was in the Apple store the other day buying a new computer when I was suckered into buying those cool, new, wireless headphones. I can’t tell you how many times the wires from my headphones got stuck on something and nearly ripped my earlobes off. I practically had to…

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