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Our beloved Laura is moving on to pursue her own business, and we will miss her dearly. Root Your Radiance is her holistic health coaching practice that approaches sustainable healing through the lens of bioenergetic medicine. Now you know why Laura always has such great energy!!…

Freezable Meal Recipes For You

I was speaking with two different clients last week about upcoming busy weeks in their lives. One was about to return to work after a summer trip, the other was anticipating food logistic as she's moving apartments - both knew their schedules were going to be totally up in…


Get ready Austinites, traffic is about to get cray-to the zay-zay. It's SXSW, which means non-stop learning, music, and movies. It also means shitty food, not enough sleep, and too much alcohol. Even if you don't live in Austin, chances are you will find…

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