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Do This Instead of A New Year’s Resolution

Christmas & Hanukkah are over and by now you are either recovering from an eggnog/cookie overdose, or you are feeling victorious for conquering the holidays thus far. If you find yourself reading this filled with the hangover regretsies, I have the perfect solution…

{PODCAST} 3 Reasons Why You Are Failing & How To Fix It

Have you heard of Dr. Lauren Fitz and her podcast, Fitz and Healthy? I was lucky enough to get some airtime with her and her co-host Cinthanie, and we had an amazing conversation about the top three reasons why I think we fail at dieting. You can watch (I was having…

My Favorite Cookie Recipe

Let me guess: your calendar is full of Decorate Ornament Parties, Cookie Exchanges or Let's-See-Each-Other-One-Last-Time-Before-2018 happy hours. How do you ensure balance without missing out!? YOU TRUST NO ONE. Always bring some healthy things to the party to share…

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