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Want To See Inside My Living Room?

I haven’t written you about something science-y and food related in a while, and that’s because it’s the damn holidays and we all need stuffing CPR.  I’m just as sick of talking about the holidays as you are of turkey leftovers right now, but it’s…

Vegan or do Paleo? Finally, the facts.

The studies and documentaries brainwash us. “Meat is bad for you”. “No wait, beans and grains are the devil”. “My friend lost 30 pounds eating vegan, and she feels amazing.” “Oh really? Because my friends eat paleo and they're ripped”.…

Do You Suck At Your Health?

Do you catch yourself being consumed by negative thoughts when it comes to your health, your job, your relationship, and everything in between? If you don't, please let me know and I will come kiss your feet. If you do, well, phew! We are all in the same boat. The truth is…

{VIDEO} Why Detoxing Can Make You Gain Weight

Every time we fall off the wagon our first inclination is to swing to the opposite side of the spectrum. Weekend debauchary followed by a good ol' fashioned detox. And so the pendulum swing goes... Sometimes a detox is a great idea. Watch this 2 minute video how to know when…

{VIDEO} Are you poisoning yourself with seemingly harmless products?

Wait, I'm supposed to rub aluminum on my pits so I don't smell like a garbage can? No thanks.  You wouldn't believe all of the nasty ingredients lurking in your household and body care products.  This can be a daunting task to accomplish all…

{Video} Important Info For All Of Our Current Clients

Life has shown me over the years that sometimes I have to yell, "plot twist!" and move forward with a new trajectory. Now, don't get too alarmed, I'm hardly changing things at all, but due to overwhelming demand of clients I have had to restructure parts of the business…

FAQ Thursday: Are frozen foods okay to eat?

FAQ Thursday: What’s that blob in the office?

FAQ Thursday: What is Carly’s prediction for the top 2015 health trend?

FAQ Thursday: Why should you avoid dairy?

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