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Don’t Even Think About Hosting Another BBQ Without Learning To Perfect This…

Don’t Even Think About Hosting Another BBQ Without Learning To Perfect This…

Grilling the perfect steak

Always choose grass-fed and organic, if possible


Cleaning your grill is a must!

Use a grill brush for the big stuff, and an onion to really get it primed
TIP - Slice an onion in half and rub flat side down on the grates as you heat it up

Use medium heat or 400 degrees

TIP - Use the 4x4 method
Holding your hand 4 inches above the grill for 4 seconds and then having to pull away means you are probably around 400 degrees

Experiment with rubs and marinades

TIP - Use a fat and an acid and marinate for 6-18 hours
See below for a homemade citrus garlic marinade

Lock in the juices

TIP - Only flip once! Look for pools of water on top of the steak as a cue to flip (or when the steak frees itself from the grill)

Use a meat thermometer

Carry-over cooking adds 10 degrees
145 degrees is between medium rare and medium so remove at 135 degrees
160 degrees is medium so remove from the grill at 150 degrees
TIP - Don't have a meat thermometer? Restaurant trick: Feel the texture of the meat. Put together your index finger and your thumb. Place your other hand on your thumb pad (you know the meaty piece below your thumb) and notice the texture (if your steak feels like this, it's rare). Now keeping your hand on your thumb pad, put together your middle finger and the pad of your thumb (medium) and now your ring finger (medium well) and pinky finger (well done).


If you buy a steak at the store and put it inside your car, it will heat up a little. Don't ever put the steak directly in the freezer after this as the ice crystals will explode in the meat and cause freezer burn.

Do you ever find yourself in the produce section of the supermarket, buying the same items week after week? Do you ever pass by a scary looking "vegetable" and wonder who the heck is buying that and, more importantly, what are they doing with it? Starting this week, we will be highlighting a different food, some mainstream, others more obscure. We will not only tell you how to cook it, but also when to buy, how to pick the freshest of the bunch, how to store, and, best of all, how to eat it!

Lady's Fingers

more commonly known as Okra...but we are definitely eating "Lady's Fingers" from now on :)

Fun fact #1 - Okra is a member of the Mallow family. Marsh mallow roots were the source for the original marshmallow candy, made by boiling the soft inner pulps from the roots with sugar until very thick. Don't get excited, that mysterious white stuff does not make your Oreo count as a vegetable!
Fun fact #2 - While known for its slippery texture, you can avoid the sliminess by not exposing the inside of the pod to oxygen (leave the okra intact)
Fun fact #3 - Red okra is similar in texture and flavor to the green variety, and it will turn green when cooked

Nutrition Info - Okra is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate and is a great source of fiber

When and how to buy - Okra is best during the heat of the summer...lucky for us in Tejas! Look for brightly green or red colored pods and avoid the dry, wilted ones because they will have lost their sweetness.

How to store - Okra does not store well, so use within a day or two of purchase. Store in a cool spot on the counter or in the fridge in Debbie Meyer Produce Saver Bags.

How to prepare - Okra can be eaten raw as a crudité or added to a salad. Grilled, roasted, sautéed, pickled, or added to a stew, the possibilities are endless. Lady's fingers pair well with butter, garlic, chilies, curry spices, coconut, green peppers and tomatoes.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Grilled Okra - perfect alongside a Citrus Garlic Marinated Steak!

Drizzle whole okra with melted coconut oil, then season with sea salt and garlic powder and toss to coat. Place okra directly on the grill, close the lid, and allot to cook for 2 minutes. Using tongs, flip each pod and cook for another 2 minutes with the lid closed. Cut a lemon in half and place face down on the grill for several minutes. Remove from the grill, squeeze the lemon over the okra and enjoy!

Shrimp, Chicken, & Sausage Gumbo over Cauliflower Rice 

Recipe of the Week:

Homemade Citrus Garlic Steak Marinade

(recipe is for one pound of meat)


1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Zest and juice of 1 orange, 1 lemon and 1 lime
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper


Put the steak(s) in a large bowl and add all of the ingredients. Stir thoroughly. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Remove and place on a heated grill.


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