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Freezable Meal Recipes For You

I was speaking with two different clients last week about upcoming busy weeks in their lives. One was about to return to work after a summer trip, the other was anticipating food logistic as she's moving apartments - both knew their schedules were going to be totally up in the air.

If you know you have travel, work events, parties, guests in town, etc. coming up, then this message is for you!

When we know our schedules are going to pick up, rather than default to getting take out (which often leads to regret, wasted money, etc), let’s do something about it! Take one thing off your plate (tee he) and get your food in order. You’re doing this for your future selfMaking a plan is not going to be enough - I want you to make the food, freeze it, and simply pull it out of the freezer when you’re slammed!

It’s time to start looking at your freezer as your pantry, and your pantry as the place where very little food should live. The pantry should hold canned goods, oils, and very little processed snacks. The freezer can be your backup resource for healthy home cooking.

Because I love you, I wanted to give you a list of easily freezable meals. Pick two of these to make in addition to your batch cooking this weekend for your freezer storage:

As you’re making this, focus on how happy your future self will be to pull these out of the freezer so you can spend your energy on kicking ass in all the other areas of your life. You'll cruise through the busy streak without slowing down your health progress. 

Now it's your turn to pay it forward. Send this email to a few of your loved ones and hook them up. 


Shark Week! 

Tillie is feeling pretty fierce with Shark Week and all... dunt dunt! 

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