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Have You Said “I’m Never Eating CRAP FOOD Again”?

One night, many moons ago, I waddled out of a Mexican food restaurant, cursing my jeans button and wishing I had said no to the basket of chips… and queso… and sour cream.

It was in that moment that I told myself, “I’m done with Mexican food. I’m done with all food that leaves me feeling like crap."

Not a full week later, I was back eating chips and queso at a different restaurant. It was like Groundhog Day.

Do you ever want to shake your fists at the sky in bewilderment when it comes to sh*t like this!?

“WHY in the name of the food gods do we eat the same thing over and over again even when it makes us feel horrible every time?”

In order to stop this insanity, you have to understand how the mind creates patterns.

You need the tools to re-write those patterns so you finally and victoriously make a different choice.

You need to stop dieting, because it’s making you crazy, and just like the above scenario, it’s not working for you long term.

I can't give you all these answers in an email, so what I did was make a 4-week program that is affordable for everyone regardless of financials.

I want you to have this information because it was the turning point for me to lose weight permanently and heal my relationship with food.

You need to check out my program about Conscious Eating. It will give you all these answers and more.

Here are the details - no gimmicks, but seriously take a quick look and see if this keeps resonating with you.

4 weeks, a little elbow grease, videos, journals, meditations and more.

Normally this program costs $97 but for the next three days I'm offering it to you for $49. What can I say? What goes around comes around and this Jewish American Princess loves getting a good deal. 

I’m hoping this will work for you like it has for the thousands of women I’ve coached. If it doesn’t, just email me and I’ll refund your money. 

P.S. See if this is for you. Remember, in three days you will see this program offered on my website for $97 so if you want to make changes better hop on this now!


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