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How to Get Out of the Comparison Trap

I had a great meeting with some amazing folks at lululemon the other day. We started talking about how women feel when they try on their clothing. 

Naturally, the conversation pointed out how hard we are on ourselves, and that through comparison we feel we are never good enough. 

Right after I got back to the office I recorded this quick video for you. No fancy camera or editing, just talking into my computer screen to capture the thoughts on my mind. 

Watch this video to find out how to get yourself out of the comparison trap for good. 


Resources vs Resourcefulness

Our resources will always feel limited to us. Time, money, other people... no matter how much we have, it tends to always feel like we need more. 

Resourcefulness is what we do with our resources and how we use them. Now, this is where we can get creative to make things happen!

I have loved getting groups together for the Weekly Wisdom group coaching and meditation.

That being said, I could only do it on Fridays in the middle of the day. My time resource was lacking and therefore not a lot of people could make those much needed sessions. 

I was about to quit altogether...

But then I realized, I just have to be more resourceful. 

I'm taking these group sessions and making them more accessible by making them virtual! 

Now you can call in and listen from the comfort of your pjs in your own home. 

The sessions stay the same, we will have a short guided meditation and conversation about food, spirituality, and what is means to make permanent change. 

Join me for the next one here: Wednesday February 24 at 7pm CST

Putting the kids to bed? Sign up and I'll send you the recording so you can listen over and over again at your convenience. 



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