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I can’t believe I am telling you this…

Hi, my name is Carly Pollack and I’m riddled with Herpes. Yep, I’ve got the Herps and before yesterday I had no clue what so many people suffer with day in and day out. First of all, I would like to extend my sympathy to people who get these cold sores regularly. This thing has consumed me ever since it popped up. It hurts, itches, burns and oozes all at the same time (if you are eating lunch as you read this, serves you right for unconsciously eating!).
Before I turn into the woman in the Abreva commercial, running through fields of roses with cold-sore-free smooth skin and rosey pink lips, I need to stop and think about why this is happening. 
If you choose to live a spiritual life, you believe that everything that happens in your life holds a lesson. Yes, I could slap some Abreva on this monster and as soon as it heals, forget it ever happened. What’s the fun in that?! 
This heeeeedous thing on my face is a pain teacher. We ALL have pain teachers that appear in our lives as a message from the Universe that something needs to change in order for us to live the path that is meant for us. These pain teachers begin as a whisper, and if we don’t listen, will get louder and louder until we are forced to do something.
Perhaps a woman with too much stress and some unhealthy habits has a pain teacher that whispers “fatigue." If she doesn’t listen then that pain manifests into a thyroid imbalance. Or it's an athlete who isn’t getting enough sleep that has a pain teacher whispering "throbbing knee." If he doesn’t listen, his next run could create an injury that takes him out of the game for 6 months. A breakup is an emotional pain teacher. What did this partner teach you? Do you now know what your deal breakers are, or what you must have in a partner in order to feel fulfilled? 
After I Googled the crap out of "cold sores" (by the way, if you are craving sugar, just Google image cold sores and you will be good to skip that brownie), I kept thinking to myself “but I’m not stressed!”
I don’t feel stressed in the way of fear, but the truth is I have lost my balance between “doing” and “being." My pain teacher (this damn cold sore) is teaching me that I need to slow down and balance all the work I do with just “being." I will listen to this whisper and learn a gentle lesson.
Oh but the Universe wasn't finished with me yet. I had booked a news segment on Sunday and there was no putting makeup on this beast. So, I ate some humble pie, put on my big girl pants and went on the news and preached like I always do... my Herpes had its five minutes of fame. I would have made it a special Facebook Page, but thank goodness it's run its course. I learned my lesson and my face is returning back to normal. 
This brings me to you. As I mentioned, we ALL have pain teachers. So, what’s yours? What is your pain teaching you? Are you ignoring whispers that will soon become something deeper and more destructive if you don’t listen?
What I can guarantee is that the sooner you get the lesson, the quicker the pain goes away. I want to hear from you. Tell me your pain teacher and I’ll help you decipher it’s lesson. Leave a comment on my Facebook and let’s commit to a life where everything has deeper meaning.

Wanna see the Herp in action? I took it live on the news talking about tips for healthy back to school snacks. Even if you don't have kids, these tips will still help you. Added bonus: you can witness my vulnerability in action! 
Click here to check it out!



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