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I just got sued…find out why and how you can help

I'm getting sued. And it's not even for something I'd expect. Sassy comments? Sure. My honest opinions about mega-industries (lookin' at you, dairy!)? Ok, maybe. But a butternut squash photo? SERIOUSLY?! 

I opened up my email last week to find a lovely letter from a company suing me for infringement of photo rights. I'm getting sued for $1000 because I used an acorn butternut squash photo I snagged from a Google search.
I need your help. But first: a lesson. My incorrect understanding of using photos from the internet is that as long as you give the credit where it's due, that you can use what you want.


There's that tiny writing that no one looks at called Terms & Conditions where it might happen to mention in gibberish that you can't use the photo without written permission. 

I know it sounds like I'm speaking with an air of contempt, but I don't mean to. I want photographers to protect their photos and get paid for their work. I'm actually pissed at myself for not reading the fine print. 

Ok, so this is a problem. The real problem with problems is that we focus so much on the issue itself that we don't move forward to find the solution.

I know right now as you read this, you got a problem of your own. I want you tofocus 10% of your energy on the problem (why did this happen?) and 90% of your energy on the solution (ok this happened, where do we go from here?)

So... I'll figure out this lawsuit. Where do I go from here?

1. Learn the lesson. This was a gentle reminder from the Universe to clean up the recipe section and make sure we read the fine print. My father would call this "the cost of doing business."

2. Move forward with clarity. That's where my Wisdom Seekers come to the rescue!

I don't want this to happen again, so I have to take down about 400 photos from the recipe section. [Cue me pretending to faint from the size of this massive project.]

Fear puts blinders over your eyes and sucks all the resourcefulness out of  you. After I kicked fear to the curb, I had the best idea!

I have a tribe of over 14,000 Wisdom Seekers. They cook our recipes all the time. Why can't I challenge them (you) to send me their pictures, and I'll give them something awesome in return!  

 Here's the Deal: For every usable pic you send, you get 10% off any supplement purchase. If you send us 10 amazing photos you get a FREE CONSULT (that's $95 bucks right back into yo' pocket). Plus we will give you a shout out on the website. Most of all, you are living the values of community and support. 
Here are some photo suggestions for making them usable: 

  1. Take photos under natural light. Don't use a flash.
  2. Minimize clutter in the photo. Get the food and nothing else (a white plate works well).
  3. Try taking photos from different angles and send us more than one photo.

Thanks in advance for bailing me out! I've always got your back, and I am grateful for you having mine. ♥

     Bad food photo                                                                                                                                          

    Good food photo




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