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If You’re Gonna Drink Booze, Drink This…

This is the video that I get made fun of for the most. Not because of the horrible "shot on the iPhone" editing, but because it's pretty obvious a minute into this video that I don't drink. I've been getting this question a lot lately, and this pregnancy has me feeling nostalgic, so I'm sharing this video on the best alcohol to drink if you are going to get your drink on. 


Watch the video above to hear my answer to a recent Q&A…
“When wanting to have an alcoholic drink on occasion, which should I pick?” - Fiona Vick

When picking what to drink you should consider two things...
The amount of sugar in the drink, especially fat storing fructose (learn more about sugar here).  
The amount of empty calories you are consuming.

Wine: Wine is a low fructose drink because the sugar in the grapes gets eaten during the fermentation process. Dry red wine has the least amount of sugar making it your best choice. (Avoid champagne!)
Hard Liquor: When ordering a drink, pick vodka, gin, or tequila blanco.
Beer: Beer is not a good choice because it contains gluten (think glue for the digestive system). That gas and food baby (bloating) that happens after a few beers is your body reacting to the gluten.

Empty Calories
When you add sugar to your alcohol, you are essentially pouring fat into your body.  Follow these rules next time you place your cocktail order:
Don’t order sugar-heavy drinks like margaritas and mojitos, and don’t mix your alcohol with juice or tonic (high sugar!).
Do mix your alcohol with water or seltzer, or just have it straight up with or without rocks

The Next Morning
If you wake up feeling dehydrated and horrible after a night of drinking do these things:
Drink 20 oz of water immediately;
Drink hot water with lemon to cleanse the liver; and
Make a protein-rich breakfast to get your day moving.

Enjoy your happy hour (in moderation)!


Weekly Cookup

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken with Black Beans and Corn - I put this over cauliflower rice, added scallions and used Daiya Cheddar "cheese". My sister thinks this tapioca cheese tastes like plastic, but if it's the closest I get to cheese, I'll take it. 

Burgers on the Grill with Cole Slaw, Pickles, Tomatoes, and Roasted Veggies - easy grill, easy cleanup. Turn your leftovers into a burger salad!

Tuna Nicoise - Yes, I know, I ate this last week. I'm just so excited about Safe Catch tuna and those little, cute potatoes in my salad that I had to do this again. 

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken - I've been supes co-dependent on my crockpot these days. It's not only for winter but for when you have very little time and/or energy to be in the kitchen. 


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