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It’s late at night and your fridge is callin’

It’s late at night and your fridge is callin’

We've all been there...

It's 10pm, you're getting ready for bed, and suddenly your tummy lets out a little rumble. You know that you are supposed to stop eating at least two hours before your head hits the pillow, but you wonder "Will I be able to fall asleep without a snack? If I DO decide that I need to eat something, what should I eat? WWCD (what would Carly do?!?)".

First, let's figure out if you're really hungry!
Take a few deep breaths
Have a cup of herbal tea
Get as far away from the kitchen as possible and busy yourself with a book or your favorite TV show (Shahs of Sunset anyone?)
Drink some water (but not too much or you'll be running to the bathroom all night!)
Take a bath
Call a friend
Write in your journal
Just get your mind off of food and your gurgling belly! Chances are you'll forget all about it and can get on with your bedtime routine

Okay, so what if these ideas just don't cut it? You're hungry (fo' real ya'll) and you need some late-night snack ideas PRONTO! We all want to reach for the sweets...chocolate, fruit, cereal, cookies and milk...but allowing ourselves to eat these foods before bed will have that jean button popping off in no time.

Our recommendation is to stay away from carbohydrates at night and eat small amounts of protein and/or fat. WARNING, what tends to happen is that once we decide we are going to eat, it is ON! Remember, eating just a few bites will keep you from feeling hungry and have you sleeping like a baby. Save those calories for your breakfast meal (you can dream about it like I do!).

Here are some of our favorite go-to's. We know these choices aren't going to knock your socks off with excitement, but if you're desire is to have ultimate health and vitality, then this is how you get to have your "cake" and eat it too (does that sting?!?).

Half of an avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt

A hard-boiled egg

A few slices of turkey wrapped in lettuce w/ some mustard

Hot chocolate (my personal fave)
(heated almond milk with a small scoop of chocolate protein powder and a pinch of cinnamon)

A spoonful of almond butter

A handful of nuts
(check out our yummy recipe for roasted cashews)

Success Story

Hands off ladies, Bobby's taken!


After (down 20 pounds of fat)


"A little over two years ago I was 245 pounds. I was miserable and wanted to start losing weight. I tried diet after diet and had some success but never really gained any insight on how to make healthy eating a lifestyle. Carly and the Nutritional Wisdom team have helped me a great deal. The principles that she taught me were unlike any other diet that I've tried before, but after a few months I began to notice the impact of how clean eating and NOT dieting made me feel better. Not only do I feel better physically, but I feel better mentally and spiritually. Thanks to Carly and Nutritional Wisdom, eating has become a way of life. I now weigh 173 pounds and continue to meet with Carly once a month. I cannot express how grateful I am that the Spirit of the Universe led me to Nutritional Wisdom."

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