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Practicing Thankfulness

Practicing Thankfulness

I've been so focused on giving you tools for how to avoid the binge on Thanksgiving day that I've forgotten to talk about the most important part of the holiday! I know that I get so caught up in the nucleus of my day to day, that sometimes I forget what is truly important.

Health is important, thigh gap and the last five pounds are not. Happiness is important, things are not. My family and loved ones are important, negativity is not. The present moment is important (in fact, it's all we really have), the past is not.  

If you practice joy, appreciation, and love on a daily basis, you will be a vibrational match to all the things you want in your life. 
We must ground ourselves in the present moment through gratitiude. All is truly well if we trust the flow of life. 

3 Tips to Keep a Positive Perspective

1. Make it your goal for 2017 to keep a gratitude journal (or start right now)
We've heard this before and it sounds like a great idea... but... we haven't done it yet. I've kept a gratitude journal for years and it is an amazing way to pull yourself out of a bad mood. Try committing to it for a week using the "notes" section on your phone and see how it helps you. If you have kids, get them started early and bond by doing it together before bed.

2. Do something for someone else
That homeless person with the dog that you pass every day in your cozy car on the way to work; go grab him/her some dog food, make eye contact and acknowledge that person. Whether it's a small or grand gesture, getting out of your own bubble creates instant gratitude. Gratitude is the only attitude!

3. Flippin' the coin
When you are feeling stressed about something, say the statement "I feel stressed about..." And then reverse the statement (hence flipping the coin). Find a reason why the reverse of your statement is true in order to neutralize your stress and keep a grasp on your positive, kick-ass perspective.

 "I feel really stressed about seeing my whole family this Thanksgiving. They are so judgemental and annoying."

Flip the coin!

"I'm really grateful that I have a family and loved ones that I get to spend time with. They teach me how to practice patience, compassion and acceptance. By rising above and letting love rule my life and my actions, I create positivity and joy for myself and for others. I love how I can turn anything negative into a positive, because life REALLY is that good!"  

I am so thankful for each and every one of you who are part of this Wisdom Seeker tribe. My amazing team and I are wishing you the happiest and healthiest Thanksgiving day!


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