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Practicing The F Word

Practicing The F Word

Being on live news is exciting and energizing, although quite frankly, I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth (that statement may extend to more than live news). For those of you that watched this past weekend, I was asked to be on KXAN to talk about eating healthy during a Super Bowl party. At the end of the segment, the anchor asked me about quality of food. Not sure why, but I wound up using the chicken wing restaurant Pluckers as the example of low-quality meat. As soon as it came out of my mouth I thought to myself “Guurl you done f&*$d up” so I tried my best to redeem myself in the 20 seconds we had left and then before I knew it the segment was over.

Does Pluckers deserve the slandering for selling poor quality, abused, innocent little chickens? Either way, it’s not nice news etiquette to use brand names unless I am promoting something or speaking in a positive manner about that business. Whether or not I spoke the truth, I felt bad about what I said. In the past, I would have let that one comment block my happiness and gratitude for another successful news segment. I would have willingly engaged in a guilt and shame cycle that may have ended in consuming some unhealthy food (maybe Pluckers? Just kidding). After years of that destructive behavior I now do something new and it’s been working wonders for my happiness: immediate forgiveness.

We have all made mistakes in the past and we will continue to make them in our future. Practicing the ”F word” allows us to see us as we truly are: imperfect beings on a path to self-discovery and growth. Next time you make a mistake, say something you wish you hadn’t, or think anything that makes you question yourself, try IMMEDIATELY forgiving yourself, and then let it go. Welcome your mistakes. They are how we grow into the people we are meant to be. Forgive all of the people who have ever wronged you, it is absolutely the best gift you could ever give yourself. Practice the F word all day long and see how your life changes.

Yours in health, happiness and peaceful mind…


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