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Read This Right Before You Sit Down To Eat

Are you sick of hearing me talk about the holidays? I'm sick of me too. Let's do each other a favor and avoid some of these mistakes so we feel great and give the holiday bulge a big F off.

DISCLAIMER: Now, before you skim these thinking "uh huh, yep, I've heard this all before" I want you to know that you have never heard me to tell you to eat less veggies. So surprise: these are new tips that you may have not tried before. 

Mistake #1: You don't have clarity.
The most harmful holiday mistake is not having a clear vision of your preferred outcome for the holiday season. You need to visualize how you want to feel (sitting on the couch at 9pm on Thanksgiving night) before you walk into the holiday frenzy. Knowing what you want will help you make the right choices in the moment. It will also help you attach more PLEASURE to doing the following below. Instant gratification will create a constant pendulum swing on and off dieting, not to mention a yo-yo effect of 10 pounds. Instead of getting stuck in the moment, create an intention for the desired outcome. Keeping your energy and attention on the outcome will ensure that you not give up what you want most for what you happen to want right now.

Mistake #2: You are creating scarcity. 
We overeat holiday foods because we create a story that these rare, precious gems only appear in the twinkly lights of the holiday season. If we only eat a Thanksgiving meal once a year, we feel like we need to grab that third helping of Grandma's stuffing or else we have to wait twelve more months. Who said that it's inappropriate to eat stuffing in April? That person is lying. Instead of creating scarcity, try making a version of the holiday meal a few times before and/or the actual event. A healthy serving of turkey, sweet potatoes, greens and cranberry sauce will not only hit the spot, but allow you to eat mindfully the day of the big blowout meal. This photo is from an ACTUAL PRE-THANKSGIVING MEAL. Not bad, huh? :) 

Mistake #3: Saying “yes” to everything on your plate, including the healthy stuff.
Let's be honest, if you felt ethically ok about it, your plate would be one big heap of stuffing with gravy on top. But no, we should be "healthy" too, right? So you grab the green beans and the Brussels and the pre-dinner salad. This is why you wind up overeating. I eat a salad and green veggies every single day of my life. I don't need that stuff taking up room in my belly. It's one thing to fill up on veggies so you don't have a lot of room for the crap, but let's get real. I eat the crap even when I don't have room. Let's throw out the traditional "load up on veggies so you eat less stuffing" lie, and focus on portion control by cutting out the stuff you don't really need to eat on this special carb-joyous occasion. Yeah I said it, eat less veggies to eat less overall. My plate will have turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. I'm going to flick anything green off of my plate. What I can guarantee you is that my plate will be small and I won't feel disgustingly full after, and my body can survive a meal without greens. 

This was my best attempt at giving you REAL advice, instead of telling you to eat nuts before a party, fill up on veggies, and exercise the morning of. You should do all of those things of course, but you don't need to read about them in a blog. Instead, eat one plate only (even if it's a stuffing volcano with erupting mash potatoes), visualize your outcome for how you want to feel later in the day, and remember it's just a meal, and a meal you can make any time throughout the year. 

Enjoy this vintage pic of our annual Thanksgiving morning family hike. My mom is a hottie. And no, that's not my baby!


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