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Things are changing at Nutritional Wisdom

Why is change so hard for us? Sure, we crave consistency, but we also know that too much consistency equals boredom (think leftovers for the third time). We want to shake things up in our lives, and then as soon as we feel that change we scurry back into our routine of predictability. In my personal experience, the more I let go and go with the flow, the more change brings unexpected blessings. I choose to believe that the universe has a bigger plan for us than we can even imagine. The spiritual work is to let go in the moment that things are changing, not just realizing the unexpected blessings in hindsight. 
Change has been the theme in my life lately. It feels like absolutely everything in my world is changing (it’s not, but it can feel that way at times). Through these changes, I am learning to let go and get excited when things don’t turn out the way I had wanted them to. Yes, I said GET EXCITED. When you truly trust that the universe has a better plan, then you can safely assume that if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to, that there is an even better plan that you are not aware of. 
With that said, there are some big changes happening at Nutritional Wisdom! We are growing at a pace that is pushing (supporting) me to restructure our business. It is clear that the universe has really big plans for how I spread my message (thank you, universe!) and I intend to listen to that voice and step into the unknown.

Here is what’s changing:
I have been priming a nutritionist and spiritual coach in training for over a year now (readbelow). Lauren will be in her own office and accepting appointments starting June 1st! 
My prices are increasing. It is time for me to focus on my message and spreading this message to as many people as possible. Lauren is here to help you transition if my sessions are no longer in your budget! You will always be supported by me, as I will be supporting Lauren with each client she takes on and personally reviewing each session.
I will start hosting Weekly Wisdom group coaching sessions, where you can stay more connected to me, get group coaching, and stay accountable. This is a great option for clients who no longer want to see me one on one, but still want to stay connected beyond social media. Fill out this ten second survey and let me know what would work for you.
All of these changes go into effect on June 1st. I am so excited to make this transition and look forward to your feedback about this shift. 
Carly's cost per session:
Effective June 1st, 2015
30 minutes - $95
45 minutes - $145
60 minutes - $190

Most of you know her as the "girl in the corner"

Meet Lauren Deaton! Lauren is coming up on her one year anniversary with Nutritional Wisdom (though she has been a client since 2010). You've probably seen her in one of your sessions, taking notes and soaking it all in (smart girl!). We are so excited to announce that she will soon be in her own office, working side by side with yours truly!

A Note From Lauren: 
I want to be your partner on your health journey. (Seriously. Because partners high-five along the way.)
I've spent over five years working with Nutritional Wisdom. I started as a client struggling to find balance in a high-stress corporate lifestyle who was eating out of alignment for my body type and exercising way too much. My sessions with Carly transformed from learning how to heal my body into discovering that my love of health and coaching is undoubtedly my life's passion. 
That began my year long apprenticeship with Nutritional Wisdom where I have immersed myself in our mission and teachings. I've already partnered with many of our clients and am honored to be a part of their successes.
I'm a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner as well as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. More importantly, I'm thrilled to bring my unique coaching style (think of it as Midwestern-friendliness meets no BS) to the team and my clients. Let's work together to reach your healthiest, most balanced and joyful life.

Want to schedule a session with Lauren? She will be seeing clients startingJune 1st. Give us a call at 512-243-7473 or send us an email to info@nutritionalwisdom
Lauren's cost per session:
Effective June 1st, 2015
30 minutes - $65
45 minutes - $98
60 minutes - $130

Last, but not least!

We are super jazzed to introduce our new clinical assistant, Jackie Gramlich! Jackie will be your go-to for scheduling, supplement grabbing, question answering, etc. To get in touch with Jackie, give her a call at 512-243-7473 or email her at


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