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Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels

A great snack for the Nut Wiz Kids in your life!

1 package fresh spinach
1/2 jar tomato sauce
1 pre made gluten-free pizza dough
1 bag Daiya cheese (made from tapioca)
peanut oil

Preheat oven to 450F. Pour about ½ of the jar of organic tomato sauce into a large pot. Add the entire package of spinach and cover. When spinach is wilted, (approx 5 min) turn off the flame and let cool. Transfer to blender or use an immersion blender to mix until smooth. Spread flour on your prep surface and roll out the pizza dough as thin as possible (about 1/8 inch thickness). Spoon sauce onto dough, then sprinkle cheese liberally. Roll the dough carefully into a log and slice approximately 1 ½ inch thick pieces. Spray each muffin space in the pan and put the pieces in. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes. Allow 10 minutes to cool serve with leftover sauce as a dipper.

PICKY EATER TIP: Swap out the spinach for ½ red, orange or yellow bell pepper and one large zucchini (shredded).

1 Batch