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E-Courses - End Emotional Eating

End Emotional Eating

4 Weeks to Permanent Food Freedom

End Emotional Eating is an immersive 4-week online program aimed at erasing old thought patterns and freeing yourself from the food prison of dieting - all while losing weight and feeling great. This is a course which allows you to dive into the essence of what conscious eating means as well as connecting to your inner guide and making eating decisions from a deeper and more loving place.

E-Courses - Conquer The Holidays

Conquer The Holidays

A 6-Week Support Program to Gain Wisdom, Not Weight

This 6-week support program will ensure you gain wisdom, not weight during this holiday season. The holidays can bring about something I call "Holiday Amnesia." We go into the season with the best of eating intentions but fall right into old traps and bad behaviors. This year I won’t stand for it. You won’t stand for it. Enough is enough! If you want to truly enjoy the holidays for the first time in your life and cruise through this season with an understanding on how to navigate overeating, social eating pressure, and holiday stress, then join me as we Conquer the Holidays together!

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