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Speaking & Lectures

Carly has spoken at Facebook, the Livestrong Foundation, lulu lemon, Atlassian, Whole Foods Market World Headquarters, Rackspace, The Hilton, Frog Design, Planet Cancer, Dimensional Fund Advisors, WeWork, Tech Stars, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Crimson, to name a few. She loves nothing more than getting up in front of an audience, connecting, and sharing her strong message. Hire her for your next event.

Carly delivered one of the most engaging, passionate, and inspirational lectures I've heard in a long time. Combine that with her witty humor and personal anecdotes and you have more than just a lecture, but a hilarious personal journey about becoming the best version of yourself through nutritional wisdom. I've now had the opportunity to work with Carly for the last few months on my own personal journey and can firmly say, "I'm a believer!"

- Jeanine, employee at Facebook

Lecture Topics

Let Carly engage and captivate the wisdom seekers in your group or organization. Lecture topics include, but are not limited to: 

Nutrition 101: Laying the Foundation of Individualized Nutrition
Increase Your Health and Vitality in 10 Simple Steps
Shift Your Psychology and Heal your Relationship with Food
Clean and Green on the Road: Tools for the Busy Traveler
Surviving the Holidays 
Nutrition for Athletes: How to Fuel Before, During, & After Competition
Nutrition and Spirituality
Feed Your Picky Eaters: Nutrition for Kiddos
Conscious Eating: Free Yourself from Dieting
Time Management and Work Life Balance for the Health Seeker
Thought Shifting: Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

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