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"Carly's bubbly personality makes you want to come back everyday! Wait, did I just say that I want to visit my nutritionist everyday? Hell yes I did!"

- Meredith D., Coaching Client & Yelp Reviewer

My Mission

Psst... I’ve got a huge secret: life is supposed to be fun! I’m here to help you feel happier and more peaceful as each day passes.

Let’s get you off the rollercoaster of diets and detoxes and get you on track for creating the life you truly want to live. It takes work, but there is nothing in your life more worth the time and effort than YOU. 

I’ll help you live life to your full potential with my simple tools for permanent behavioral changes.

My Story

I used to be the queen of impeccable weekday eating, binge eating on the weekend, and feeling stuck in the same place every Monday.

I’d start the week feeling sluggish, guilty and frustrated with myself. After years of going on and off of diets, I finally set my intention to a major lifestyle change. The “all or nothing” mentality I had in the past wasn’t working so I decided to make small changes over time. These new behaviors started adding up to huge shifts.

I’ve been told that we often teach what we most need to learn.

After realizing that this was my life’s passion, I went to school for nutrition and didn’t stop until I had a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach and acquired some hefty spiritual and life coaching tools along the way. Don’t let my snarky New York attitude fool you - I am a true spiritual gangsta!

Growing up as a quick-witted New Yorker, I was raised without the ability to BS. You won’t find any nonsense here, just clear and honest information (maybe some tough love if you need it) that allows you to shift your thought patterning, change your physical body and live your best life!

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