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7 lessons to learn the easy way

As I write this I am wincing with self disappointment. Today I let negativity get the best of me and I messed up big time. I complained (which is a nice way of saying completely shit-talked) about something someone did... who I didn’t realize was sitting riiiiiight behind me. As soon as I saw them I felt an instant pit in my stomach and guilt washed over me like thick soap suds from a car wash. I immediately knew I was in the wrong and WORSE than that, I hurt someone’s feelings. In my coaching I teach forgiveness, kindness, compassion and positive thinking. Today I needed a stark reminder.

There are so many lessons to pull out of this I don’t know where to start:

1. We are all human, we are all flawed. The practice of forgiveness and awareness is what allows us to grow and become better.

2. The Universe will kick my ass into line when I’m not acting in a way that promotes the spiritual laws of compassion and kindness (it’s gonna kick your ass too).

3. Guilt is a nudge from my intuition telling me I am behaving in a way that isn’t congruent with my moral and ethical values. I will listen to it and then release it, or it will turn into shame and corrode my thinking.

4. When I make an error, I have to make it right immediately. In other words, take inventory and make amends right away so things don’t build up.

5. Simple gestures make a big difference. Admit the wrong doing and ask for forgiveness.

6. Self forgiveness sets me free, while guilt locks me in a prison of negativity, (which is most likely the energy that got me there in the first place).

7. Set a new intention for how I choose to act after learning this lesson. Immediately I will practice more gratitude and compassion. The Universe would have it no other way.

As I teach you, I continue to learn. I’m right there with you, using my own tools, making my own mistakes and growing from the experiences

My commitment to you is that I continue to teach, to learn, to experience and to share. I am not perfect, but I have a strong desire to improve myself.

Awareness and a willingness to change are the most important first steps. If you have done, said or eaten something lately that you are not proud of, forgive yourself. Pull from these lessons and take your own inventory so that you can learn, grow, and set new intentions. This growth is the only way to find true happiness, health and peace of mind. Notice how many times you complain about something and how speaking in a negative way brings down your energy.

Let’s commit to a complaining-free day tomorrow and see how changing our focus then changes our experience. 

P.S. I shared all of these things with the dude I talked about (but didn't mean it!) and explained it happened because I was tired, being negative, and out of alignment. He was so happy to see that I had thought about it this deeply. We exchanged a few emails, and now I feel closer to him than before. The power of forgiveness is strong!


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