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Wow! I got such a great response to my recent blog on cookware that I wanted to send you other easy swaps to make sure the food you’re making for yourself and your family is as healthy as it possibly can be.

And I’m going to keep it short. No need to over complicate (or over spend!).

So don’t get overwhelmed (or feel you have to do this all at once). Maybe you add some items to a wish list for the holidays, or add one small swap each month? Maybe you’ve done the big stuff (pots, pans, containers) but can upgrade the disposable supplies? Either way, I’ve got you…

  • Pot (with a lid) - Start with one! You can always add to your collection later.  
  • Frying pan - Same idea as above. If you’re starting to invest in more cookware, you don’t need to get a whole set. Start small!
  • Cast iron pan
  • A ceramic crock pot or Instapot (get inspired with Nom Nom Paleo pressure cooker recipes)
  • Healthy organic bamboo cutting board
  • Glass containers for your leftovers / storing food. It’s cheap enough to get a bigger set so you have options for your fridge, freezer, and day to day (bringing leftovers to work, etc).
  • Lemon squeezer for your morning lemon water. Life’s too short for drinking around lemon seeds.
  • A toaster oven - As you move to increasing the health of your kitchen, avoid using a microwave that emits harmful EMFs - learn more here. If nothing else, never, ever, ever, microwave plastic (including plastic wrap).
  • A good knife.
  • Bonus: I also use this dutch oven at least 3x per week. I even make eggs in it! If you want to spend a little more, this brand is knock off brand of Le Creuset (top of the line).

So you have the basics covered and are ready to move to the more covert offenders…

  • You must start thinking about getting rid of plastics (especially ones used near heat). If you’re using plastic spatulas, get yourself two of these.
  • If you’re using plastic bags, get yourself some re-useable zipper bags (Ziplocks are crappy for you and the earth).
  • If you’re using Saran wrap or plastic wrap, I can personally vouch for these beeswax re-usable wraps (cover containers, wrap cut veggies or fruit, save the other half of that avocado from going brown…).
  • Might as well upgrade from the plastic straws if you haven’t already as well - stainless steel straws are your best bet.
  • Speaking of heavy metals, you need to STOP using aluminum foil. Right now. Aluminum is a neurotoxic heavy metal (think Alzheimer’s disease). The higher the temperature (ovens, grills, bonfires) the more that leaches into your food. If you’re storing food use glass containers and the beeswax wraps. If you’re baking, use parchment paper instead. If you’re grilling, try these cedar wraps, or a stainless steel grill basket.
  • Paper towels are an easy replacement - try huck towels or microfiber.
  • Don’t forget about your soaps and cleaning supplies! You have the right equipment now, so don’t cover it in chemicals! Thrive Market is a great place to start to upgrade your cleaning supplies and kitchen soaps. You can also buy 365 brand products that are super price competitive with the old school stuff, minus all the chemicals.

Whew! It’s so worth making a change, at whatever level you can do right now. We’re bombarded by toxins just living in the modern world - it’s nice to take control and make your living space the naturally clean exception.


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