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I haven’t written you about something science-y and food related in a while, and that’s because it’s the damn holidays and we all need stuffing CPR. 

I’m just as sick of talking about the holidays as you are of turkey leftovers right now, but it’s gotta be heard. Watch this short video (it’s 1 minute) and learn how to pinpoint the underlying cause of what makes your diet work long term. 

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Since I mention core/beliefs and stories in the video, here are three played out holiday stories that desperately need to be retired:

Story #1: It’s time to eat, drink and be merry.

Why is it time to eat drink and be merry? Because Santa told us to?! This story allows us to tap out of any and all responsibility for our self care. The holidays aren’t about binge eating. Plus let’s face it, not even Santa feels merry when his pants don’t fit.

The Truth: This season is a time to connect with friends, family, ourselves and practice gratitude.

Story #2: These foods only come around once per year! I have to eat as much stuffing and drink as much eggnog as I can get my hands on!

These foods only come once a year because we only make them once a year. Scarcity is a huge reason why humans overindulge. We overeat when we feel we won’t have enough. Think about how many times you have binged on a food only to buy it for the next few weeks and then completely lose interest in it. I suggest you make a version of your favorite holiday meal a few times in the weeks leading up to the actual holiday. Watch how easy it is to pass on Aunt Mildred’s Marshmallow sweet potatoes when you ate your healthy version three times for lunch last week!

The Truth: These foods are always  available. There is more than enough. There is always more.

Story # 3: Weight gain is inevitable.

The mind is the most powerful tool we have when it comes to our health. It can either work for us or against us. The truth is that if we have a reward or consequence big enough, we will be motivated to accomplish anything. For most of us, we associate pain with skipping the pumpkin pie during the holidays and pleasure with the invite to the cookie party. In this case, weight gain is most certainly inevitable.

We need to keep our focus on the outcome, not on the process. The process of saying no may feel uncomfortable in the moment, but the reward of doing so is priceless.

The Truth: The outcome I desire for the holidays is to enjoy my friends and family and share merry-ness. I’m going to do this by not giving up what I want most for my health in exchange for the foods I may want right now. The pleasure I will get from feeling healthy throughout this holiday is priceless.

Use these tools to shift your thoughts when you catch yourself feeling stuck in old patterns and behaviors. Diets are just behavior modification, and focusing solely on behaviors will never work. Change your thoughts to change your body and enjoy this season feeling amazing, peaceful, grateful and truly happy.


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