Your ride or die team

Carly Pollack

Founder & Chief Executive Coach

I moved to Austin from New York escaping a bad break up. I knew Austin was an active, health conscious town so my cashew milk drinking, yoga pants wearing, nature loving self had a good chance of finding happiness. I thought it would only be for a year or two, after all I was a city girl at heart. After a few months, I was hired at Whole Foods Market and had the pleasure of piloting the first-ever nutrition consulting program for the company while working in the heart of downtown at the stunning corporate headquarters. After two years, I left and started Nutritional Wisdom in 2009. Austin started to feel more and more like home. Plus, my blood had thinned and I couldn’t return to the cold winters and pissed off cab drivers!

When I opened Nutritional Wisdom, I wanted to create a coaching environment where we didn’t just focus on the food. I know that permanent change begins in the mind, and I want clients to experience self development in addition to reaching their health goals.

What I created was a coaching system that included nutrition, science, spirituality, and psychology. Clients have long term success when coached through our program and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

If you want to learn more about my story, check out my website,

Lauren Butler

Master Nutrition and Self Development Coach

It would be an honor to be a part of your health journey because I saw what the right type of support did for me.

I started as a client at Nutritional Wisdom many years ago. I was struggling to find balance in a high-stress corporate lifestyle. I was eating out of alignment for my body type, struggled with hormonal and digestive issues, and was exercising way too much. I was trying to lose weight - you’d think moving more and eating less would work! We both know it’s not always that easy.

As a Master Nutrition Therapist as well as a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, I’ve supported hundreds of clients reach a diversity of goals. I want to help you enjoy the process whether you’re trying to change your weight, heal your gut, manage stress, or balance your hormones. I don’t believe "health" to be a final destination. This is a practice, and it takes work. I also believe we don’t have to take it too seriously and can have fun on the path to lifelong health.

I’ve spent years learning how to heal my body and mind, and I am passionate about helping others find the diet and lifestyle that works best for them. Health is a moving target throughout life as our bodies are ever changing, but my coaching style gives you the scientific, tactical, and spiritual tools needed to find that balance.

Siri Scull

Master Nutrition and Self Development Coach

It was 2008 when I finally came to terms with the fact that my level of stress, food, and alcohol choices were getting in the way of me showing up in the way I wanted to. My digestion was out of whack, I had a nagging pain related to an old injury, I was get the picture.

The last thing that I wanted to believe was that eating baked goods every day, or a nightly glass of wine could have anything to do with my ongoing inflammation and indigestion! But when no amount of acupuncture treatments showed any long-term results, it was reckoning time. After experiencing the short-term benefits of an elimination diet and also wanting to feel good in the long run, I dove head-first into the world of health.

During my certification program as a Nutritional Counselor, I learned all about how our bodies respond to food and substances. Soon enough, I realized that the facts alone weren't enough to inspire change. So much of it boiled down to the mind. I went on to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Processing), Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Life Coaching to help understand this mental piece at a deeper level. In the years I've spent working with clients and myself, I've learned that it's not always a straight-forward path, but that our bodies have an innate ability to change and grow, despite whatever habits we've developed. Whether you're struggling with digestive issues, energy, anxiety, weight-loss, or just wanting to "uplevel", I'd love to be a part of your greater health journey!

Kate Roth

Business Operations

I am passionate about nutrition and all things health and wellness, but also geek out on numbers and spreadsheets. (This may be embarrassing...but I love numbers so much I took math courses as "fun" electives in college.) My role as business operations perfectly marries my love for wellness and numbers. I still can't believe I get paid to do what I love! I provide the organizational underpinning and vision alignment to support Nutritional Wisdom and free the coaches to do what they do best, change your life!

After spending most of my career as a math teacher and school counselor, I’m so grateful that I’ve found a home with this amazing team of intelligent, compassionate women where I can serve others on their path to a better life and learn in the process. If you’re reading this, I’m so happy you’ve found us! Invest in yourself, take a moment and call me. Let’s get you started on your path to success!