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Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Breakfast Protein Smoothie

A super quick and easy way to have a nutritional breakfast!

1/2 cup White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt
6 whole blackberries or blueberries
2 whole strawberries
1 whole banana (unpeeled and frozen)
1 handful spinach
1 tablespoon chia or flaxseed
1 scoop Designs for Health Chocolate Paleo Meal
3-4 whole ice cubes (optional)

1) Gather all the fruits and veggies. I had them ready the night before and put them in a glass container so that they were ready to go in the morning.

2) Put in the yogurt first, then add the berries, spinach, and Paleo Meal (which you can find here: Blend on low for 1 minute.

3) Stop the blender and then left the lid. Add the flax or chia seeds and ice cubes (optional). Blend on high for another minute.

4) Done! Enjoy your power protein smoothie!

1-2 servings

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